V. 1.8.50 - Disabling the hover preview for Pins and concept Rems (and two sides flashcard Rems) that don’t have children broke my workflow

I think it was a mistake presuming that, if a Rem has not children, it do not need to be shown in preview when hovering (version 1.8.50).

What about pins from PDF highlights, that do not show even the content (name) of the Rem? How would I know what are them about? By now, no matter if the setting “Preview Rem on hover“ is on or not, even if I right or left click the pin, the content is not show, at least in queue!!! The only way to see the content of the pin is to double click it, which opens the PDF, but closes the queue, and the card cannot be rated anymore. This made things much worse than they were before, and broke my workflow.

And what about concept rems (and flashcard rems), that show in the reference only the concept, but not the definition (show only the front side)? How would I see the definition?

There should be, at the very least, the ability to choose in the settings to have these rems shown on preview.

In my opinion, it would be amazing if this new function was adapted, to exclude only Rems that are not flashcard Rems and don’t have children from the hovering feature and are not pin references.

Closed in favour of the FR.