Various friction points: "Saving to disk", icons for import menu and local-only better support


First of all, congratulations on the redesign work, it is really better.

Here is the points I think it need improvements:

Please keep in mind I use remnote without logging in any account, I have a local-only exclusive usage

  • Saving to disk…
    Sometimes I get a message similar to this “Saving to disk. Please pause your editing and wait”.
    Each time I get this, it takes several dozen of minutes to disappear if at all. Generally, process manager shows remnote with 0% disk usage so I kill remnote. (sometimes it goes bad and something get corrupted, so I reset everything and reimport my kb).
    This is the most annoying point for me as I generally don’t trust the app to be stable enough and always expect some corruption of data at some point.

  • Icons for import source of import menu
    With the redesign update, I reimported my full remnote kb. Doing so in Settings > Account > Import
    Providing remnote backup to the roam importer, nothing worked and I spent a few minutes realizing my mistake. This can be avoided providing icons of services in the combo box or foolproofing provided import file.

  • Better support for local-only usage
    As stated above, I don’t login in any account and do exclusive local-only work. Since the redesign these textbox are permanently here (Updating your account and Login expired)
    As I don’t plan on logging or syncing my kb, theses messages are useless for me and a little annoying.

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Fellow local-only user here with no account synced.

I’m experiencing the “Saving to disk” message since updating that can last quite some time as well, but I’m too afraid to force quit. I’ve just kept RemNote running until the message goes away, but it’s pretty frustrating not being able to continue to work in the meantime.

And I also have the login expired message with an error code that comes up if I click on it, but the “updating account” box disappeared for me. Hopefully it gets resolved.

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