Very slow loading and working on pdf s

Recently I have observed very slow speed while working with pdfs and annotating
1. switching between pdf view and editor view
2. selecting and creating clozes in editor view ( basically any editing in Editor view) etc.

I have observed this behaviour for large and small documents both. Also, I have experienced when everything was lot smoother so it is really frustrating!

One more thing, Pins from editor view does not direct to highlight in pdf view. Why this was removed ? and what is point of showing pins in editor view now ? ( I’d really love the linking back, if possible )

I am a pro user and tried asking on remnote discord server. It is too cluttered now a days and didnt expect help from there.

Please somebody, share or help!

Edit : One more question, Image clozing has suddenly became pain, it was too working perfectly fine.
When you click on image and create cloze and come out of it. No Clozes are created. You have to do it at least twice then only it works.

Same issues - PDF viewer urgently needs a revamp. I have solid 30s loading times when clicking on a pdf reference. Granted - PDF is 400 pages but that is no issue for any other web based pdf viewers I’m using. This plus the sync issues are huge

Same, like RemNote and my entire computer is so snappy, and then when I use the PDF viewer (which I’m not gonna lie, I use almost all the time for class) it just slows down. This is really inconvenient especially since I need it during class and if the runtime is so slow I won’t be able to keep up with my professor.