[Video Tour and Article] (by Joel Chan) Zettelkasten in Roam. Questions as zettels and literature notes inside zettelkasten

The tour’s of Roam, but query discussion is entirely skippable.

I’m intrigued by people starting to keep more and more reference material inside of the main database and distinguishing Zettels via various prefixes (see also [Video Tour] (by Beau Haan) Zettelkasten in Roam. Using block references in bulk and keeping all fleeting notes - #7 by RemNoteUserName). Obviously, modern technology facilitates this relatively easily, but I wonder how much is gained from adding the literature notes verbatim vs offloading them to Zotero/Memex/Anything else with a cloud and highlights/annotations support. I suppose at the end of the day, it’s a question of how long you want the toggled Zettels to be. Personally, I started tagging source pages with the concepts that are relevant to them (so then you always get to the source from the concept’s tag portal and you have the necessary metadata like author and date easily viewable on the source’s page). Memex shows the annotation dates, and you can always manually write them into Zotero’s notes, so I find that good enough.

Placing question notes at the same level as Zettels seems somewhat disingenuous to me: it’s almost certain that the question arose from a combination of Zettels, and answering it will lead to an addition or a new Zettel or a new paper. But again, modern tools easily allow writing to take place concurrently with managing the existing notes…


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