Voice in Voice Typing Chrome extension not working for RemNote Web

I am trying the voice in Chrome Extension in remnote web to take notes. The language configured is “English”. The voice does get converted to text but when I enter to move to the next point it wipes away
out. I cannot save the text.

The extension works well on other applications like gmail or pastebin but it seems something minor must be causing a problem in remnote.

Can someone please check and help out?


Could someone please check what is making remnote.io incompatible with voice in. I could find the below reasons why could happen - reference link

If Voice In is not working on your web page, here are common reasons why:

  1. Not a Live Page: Voice In chrome extension only gets inserted into pages which have url starting with http:// or https:// . Voice In will not work on the new tab page, chrome internal pages / other chromes extension pages (these will have url starting with chrome://) and on pages starting with file:// . One exception to the rule is the Chrome Webstore. Voice In also doesn’t work in the Chrome Webstore - no extension works on the Chrome Webstore.
  2. Input handling: If your use javascript to modify the inserted user input, Voice In text insertions may not work. To work around this, consider listening to change event instead of the keyboard events like keydown.
  3. Paste handling: Voice In’s advanced mode requires ability to paste in the page via Javascript. Voice In correctly formats the text. To prevent to underlying page from interfering, we do something like:

window.addEventListener(‘paste’, (e) => {if (recognizing) {e.stopImmediatePropagation();}}, true);

Make sure your page doesn’t rely on receiving the paste event.
4. IFrame: If your webpage loads the input textbox via an iframe and the iframe is loading from a different host, then the chrome extension will not be access the textbox due to content security policies. You can either load the input textbox directly without an iframe. Alternatively, you can enable cross origin access to your iframe.