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Want to change it to randomly show some rems to bring our ideas back.

if the goal is for the name to be intuitive for newcomers, I would say that it should hint at the learning purpose of the queue. In my country (in EU), I’ve seen almost no one using flashcard to learn stuff… that’s why I think it’s probably relevant to hint the purpose of the deck if it aims newcomers.
memory deck, learn deck, study stack, brain stack, recall deck

my opinion: I don’t think it is necessary to make the name intuitive for newcomers. The name should be used to create a persistent mental image either of what it is (deck), or what you want it to be (a power up for the brain, etc) in the mind of users*.
I would prefer the “thing” be called what it is, and possibly attached to a simple and strong image, like simply
"deck" or “stack” with a stack of card with ‘writing’ on it or a brain, as icon

*To onboard newcomers :a short animated video explaining the concept is best, I think. I would also add a small information icon next to the word in the side panel, visible when hovering, to trigger the video again. What almost convinced me to use flashcards was the science behind it, showing its effectiveness, “the pitch” explained in one of the post in the manual of RemNote, that would be explained in the video, along with the system. To me, that’s the most important.


name it what it revers to "queu is confusing … if its related to cards say it

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On behalf of all Chinese users, I would like to make a suggestion that we want to become members, but we need Alipay or WeChat to pay.

I come from SRS so Queue already made sense, but it should instead be a verb action that says what you DO with the queue.

If you made a 2nd poll using people’s alternative suggestions you could start narrowing it down. Also do a Twitter poll?

Simplest solution: allow people to customize its name to their own liking, adapted to what they use it for (Study, Review, Learn, Remember) they could even name it as a reminder of their overall long term motivation; “Graduate”, “Pass the Bar”, “Gain Financial Independence”, “Wifey”, “Jesus Loves You” etc.

You will still need an internal canonical name (use Study or Review or Recall, I’d say don’t tie it to the idea of cards, because how is an Image Occlusion a ‘card’? Its a review technique, physical cards are obsolete).

But allowing users to customize how it displays (just like there’s the option to hide the RemNote logo) would allow users to solve this problem for themselves, because you yourself won’t be able to cover all the options.

Streamlining the terminology to facilitate newbie onboarding is definitely a good design priority.

(Even above the other UI/UX deeply beloved goals such as easy Android editing, inbuilt equation editor like CortexJS , and search logical operators :slightly_smiling_face: )

I don’t understand why an “action verb” is better. What’s wrong with “Documents,” for example?

It’s a trend in User Experience.

So what? It’s a dumb trend.

It seems you aren’t in the field, but call the trend dumb. You can have your opinion and I don’t wanna argue with you.

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I’m not looking for an argument, I’m looking for an answer. Why is it better to label categories with “action verbs”? Is there any evidence that this improves usability?

How about the name :: Queue for Review!!!

Best thing is it rhymes :rofl:

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Experienced users don’t need to care about its name, they already know what it does and how to use it (heck it could just be ‘:large_blue_diamond:’ and it’d still work).

So the name is really for helping newbies navigate around the UI and to learn the basics of how to use SRS software.

It should be an active verb because RemNote is built for Active Recall https://mikeandmatty.com/writing/active-recall-the-best-learning-strategy-according-to-science

You already have the list of your ‘Documents’ on the side bar. The ‘Revise’ Queue is for using energy to challenge yourself to actively improve your memory.


Cards. Enough is enough.