We need your feedback :)

So, I guess it’s no secret that a redesign/revamp of the UI and UX is underway, and we have been debating internally about a lot of fundamental things in RemNote.

The main idea is to make RemNote more intuitive, better looking, a smoother UX and most importantly make RemNote easy to onboard for new users.

One of the topics that we are currently debating is regarding the “Queue”, more specifically the terminology of it, and we could use your help in understanding how to redesign this, if necessary.

How can you help?

  1. Think back and try to remember if the term “Queue” was actually confusing or misleading when you first started using RemNote. Did it take time for you to figure out what it was/ what it did?
  • Yes. It was confusing/hard to figure/ not very self-explanatory/intuitive
  • Nope. It was as intuitive as it could have been.

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  1. If, your answer was a Yes, please suggest better names to replace the Queue.

It needs to be short, catchy, intuitive, self-explanatory and something that can be used naturally in a conversation.

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to show you all what we have been building, it’s going to be a packed second half of 2021 :partying_face:

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I think it’s intuitive for people coming from Anki or any other SRS, but for anyone else, it can only be mysterious. Might be worth looking into how people get into Anki, e.g. most popular tutorials’ intros. I assume that’s no trouble with the number of medical students in the community.


I think what makes people confusing is not the name “queue”, but the idea of SRS, so how to make people understand it is more crucial, and I hope the redesign of RemNote can make it operate faster and make the data more secure. Making RemNote more intuitive is good. but i don’t want the redesign totally break up current workflow or even cancelling some existing uesful but may not be intuitive functions. :heartpulse:


call them ‘cards’. Simple stuffs are good


Since we are referring to everything as flashcards call it a deck

More specifically, deck document name & global/ master deck for all cards in the kb


With just one word “review”, otherwise “review flashcards”.


Agreed! And maybe just add interleaving explanation on tutorials

Or maybe name it Mixed Review?

If I don’t know anything about anything coming into it. I think I can decipher what it is lol

hmm I think “mixed review” is unnecessarily more complicated as a name. “Review” would be simpler. I would like to have a tutorial and maybe a video about the RemNote SRS system and all the custom SRS settings that you can choose. I found some videos about Anki customisation and I would like to see a guide to replicate those settings in RemNote. I heard the order of the options in RemNote settings isn’t the same of Anki’s. I still have to experiment with it, anyway having some guidance from RemNote creators would be nice.

Expanded a little further on the thought & explored @fabiothebest 's suggestion for review in the Discord for those that may be interested in chatting about it (& other options) as well

Adding here so that we can track all convos on this topic so we get a better scope of the feedback on the topic

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I would just go for „flashcards“. Because in its most basic, thats what the feature is all about. To make it more personal, you could call it „My flashcards“.

A „queue“ or a „review“ are the right „actions“ to call it, but could fit to different contexts, so they are not very clear about the actual feature.


For possible other names than Queue I Suggest the following: (each line is an option)
Study Cards
Review Next
Learn Next
Study Next
Explore Next
Master Next


“Flashcards” is my suggestion


Cards is my suggestion, it´s simple and easy to understand what it is


Why not “Global Deck”? :thinking:


Yes, ‘Cards’. Keep it simple. Whether you want to study, review, revise or input more cards, that’s up to your individual circumstances.

In the corporate world, deck typically refers to ppt slides as well.

  1. Flashcards
  2. Cards
  3. Deck
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I love RemNote even though the UI needs a lot of work. But it never once crossed my mind that the word “queue” was somehow unintuitive. Seriously, given all the other problems with the UI, who decided that this was any sort of a priority?

And I strenuously disagree with the people who want to call it “cards,” because it’s not the set of all cards, it’s the set of cards queued for review. Ditto for “review,” because you can review without using the queue.



You want a verb to indicate an action, not a noun. Notice on this message I have two choices, reply and cancel. They both indicate actions I can take. All your buttons should indicate what action happens. All you labels should indicate the activity. We aren’t “cueuing”, we are training.