We're Live on Product Hunt NOW!

We’re Live on Product Hunt NOW!
We’re answering questions all day - please come and say hello!

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a social platform for startups and creators to showcase their products to the world for exposure and feedback. It’s the bazaar where the hottest upcoming apps are discovered. For RemNote, this means a very important opportunity to get feedback not only from our beloved community, but from thousands of others who might not have heard of us before.

How does Product Hunt work?

  • Every day, creators can “launch” their products on Product Hunt.
  • Once launched, hunters (people with product hunt accounts) can check out all the new products launched that day and upvote the ones that they like most or find interesting.
  • The apps that perform the best through upvotes, comments, discussions, and overall buzz get promoted on Product Hunt.
  • Product Hunt features the best new products in their newsletter to tons of new people!

TL;DR - A successful Product Hunt launch would put us on an even faster path to building the features that we all want. :thumbsup:

We hope to attract lots of new interested folks to RemNote, to help us continue growing and making the product better for everyone. As early users and members of our community, your insight is very valuable and we want the new faces to feel welcome. So I encourage you to create a product hunt account to come say hi on our launch day! We’ll be on hanging out on Product Hunt all day, so swing by, join the discussion, and provide some feedback. We are lucky to have a supportive Rem Community :star: