What best way to memorize texts or steps?

hello dear RN community,

to memorize a long text, it’s the best way to split it into small pieces and then spaced repetition.

in the past I used a numerical multi-flashcard with these commands <:: 1.> . it asks you every step or text-pieces.

nevertheless, it’s inefficient, because when u forget one of the steps. it asks u from the beginning and not from the same state, which u forgot.

it comes another idea in my mind

A:: B
__B:: C
____C:: D

but even this is too confusing and too redundant

Therefore I’m asking is there any other way to memorize quotes or steps with accountable measures of these steps?

like this
A:: B:: C:: D
every step is connected with the next as a flashcard to a sequence of flashcard query, I tried it in remnote but it recognizes just the first form as a flashcard and the rest just as normal text

I would appreciate it if there is any solution for this.

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My experience in memorize long text indicate best way is use Occlussion in most important concepts verbs and adjectives of the long text. After a few times of repeat cards all its perfect. You dont need memorize , all the text , only important concepts verbs and adjectives

i understand your point, but in my case i need to memorize texts literally by active recall… that was the reason, why i’m asking here

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What kind of texts?’ can you send me a example?