What do the queue buttons actually do?

If I understand it correctly, with the SM-2 scheduler activated, RemNote uses the same scheduling algorithm and overall principles as Anki (a variant of SM-2). Therefore, I am guessing that the buttons do the same things (i.e. Again, Hard, Good, Easy).

However, I find the new decision to label these buttons in v1.4 somewhat confusing (and very oddly opinionated!). It’s perhaps good for newer users of spaced repetition to have some guidance as to how to use the buttons. Beyond that it only really serves to confuse and limit.

If you ask 10 different Anki/RemNote users, you could easily get 10 different answers as to the optimal usage of the rating buttons. Reasons for this could be as simple as because different approaches work better for different people, or finding ways to work around the limitations of the SM-2 algorithm (compared to e.g. SM-18).

So a few things need to be clarified:

Do the queue rating buttons actually do the same thing as in Anki?

esp in consideration of a previous issue - Change the second good button to again

Do we have the option to disable or change the label text and emojis on the rating buttons? If not, can we add it?

I’m sure there’s a way to do it via custom CSS but I’m not sure that would work across all platforms (I am currently using the PWA on desktop and mobile). Though if I’m missing something I’d appreciate it if someone could kindly explain it to me.

Much appreciated if anyone can help!