What is the difference between document and rem? When should we use "tag as document"

What is the function of the document, it seems not only pin in the sidebar.

Here are the functions I know about the document:

  1. pin in the sidebar
  2. when you search for a rem, if the rem is a document, it allows you to enter the rem directly instead of the parent document
  3. queue cluster
  4. portal backlinks (UMNik)

If anyone knows of any other function, please let me know

It also shows the portal counter (this rem is in x other documents) more reliably. The sidebar pinning is the main thing though.

Thank you for sharing, I have a confusion, why is there no portal counter for normal rem? If I forget to convert rem to document, wouldn’t I know who is referenced?

Considering how inconsistent it is, it’s probably more of a bug than a feature. I assume it has something to do with how the children of portalled rem behave, i.e. whether every child should also get its own counter when its parent is portalled and it is unfolded.