What’s the little x after a reference for?

what‘s the purpose of that little x? I usually just get rid of it because it looks weird

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A rem (card) which ends with a reference is automatically made into a TypeChildren of that reference, i.e. it inherits its slots, even if has no slots yet. The TypeParent-TypeChildren relation can be removed by clicking the little x. Normally you apply templates by using the tag.


You can read more about this in the documentation: Templates for Knowledge

There is a setting (Editor Options > Enable Templates for Knowledge) which might have to be turned on.

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Thanks for explaining, I missed that in the tutorial

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This particular feature is actually not explained there. I got it from Discord a while ago.

Still don’t get it :’(

@Nhan_Nguyen Normally to apply a template, you tag rem with another rem (let’s call it “template rem”) to add slots. However, if you paste in a reference to “template rem” just before the end of the front part of the rem (in other words, before ::), it will count as being tagged with it and also offer to bring in its slots. To opt out of this reference acting as a template tag, you may press the little x after it.