Where are Back & Forward buttons?

I don’t see a back & forward buttons in desktop app for 1.4 beta. They were quite essential for navigation. Is it a bug or they were removed completely? O.o


miss them too ++
but cmd + [ is still there

Keyboard shortcuts on Windows:
ALT + LEFT_ARROW to go back
ALT + RIGHT_ARROW to go forward

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They are removed for now until we find a nice place for them in the new design where we removed the top bar. Maybe we can make a custom application title bar that includes them?

There is also an Omnibar command:

Omnibar command mode is triggered with Ctrl + / for now.


Thanks for clarification

For MacOS, the Back arrow and the keyboard shortcut did not do the same things. So, the Back arrow was very useful. I found myself clicking it several times a writing session. I hope they come back, or the keyboard shortcut is mapped to mimic the behavior of the Back arrow.