Where is the Thinking Trail / Breadcrumbs?

I am not able to find it where it usually is (at the top left). If I check remnote.io as well, I can see a bit of it but I am not able to click on it because most of it is out of view. In case of Alpha/Beta,
I do not see the Thinking Trail (breadcrumbs/history) at all. I don’t find it in the Settings menu either.
Has it been removed? It’s taking too much time to navigate around recently opened/modified rems without it.


It was removed for better UI clarity for now (check the alpha threads (maybe?..) for confirmation from Hannes).

I also noted that, in the Editor, the breadcrumbs (thinking trail) are only partially being shown, making it impossible to just jump to the parent, for example, depending on the size of the breadcrumb. There should be a line breaking, if needed, in such a way that the entire breadcrumb is shown.

I imagine it is a Bug, but is it is intended, this is definitely a drawback and breaks the workflow so far stablished in RemNote.

P.S. I saw it has already been reported in Breadcrumbs get truncated in split pane.


I hope the breadcrumb trail comes back. I used it all the time. Maybe it could be an option on/off with user controls.