Why are the comments of each post in this forum not displayed in the order of publication?

I find it annoying. :slight_smile:

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Right? Still didn’t figure out the logic of this…

I wish it was just chronological (and keeping replies attached to posts)

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Anyone know if there is any way to change this as a user? Or can only administrators do it?

I follow other discourse forums, and the comments are chronological. I do not understand why it is not like this here.

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Yea, this is so confusing. I haven’t seen this in other discourse forums as well. I hope admins can do something about it.

@Martin or @mattygrov, can you change this? (I’m assuming it’s a simple setting).

I know this isn’t directly RemNote related, but as more and more people participate in the forums, this is becoming quite problematic…

@ognsya We’ve tried to fix this - can you send us a screenshot and a link to a page where you still seeing out-of-order posts? (Is it on a Q/A post, where answers get ranked by upvotes?)

Custom Rem-level formatting with tags is one example (Oct -> Nov -> Oct).

The link @hannesfrank posted is a good example.

I’m guessing there is some logic in how replies are ordered. It’s just confusing. I think most people would rather just have it be chronological

Also, I personally would prefer to see replies nested within posts (and/or previous replies).

Like I said, I figured this was an easy setting on your side. If it’s not then by all means focus on RemNote :slight_smile:

(I looked for settings on my side, as a user, but couldn’t find any)

This is funny, your question about out-of-order and its answer itself became out-of-order. Here is the screenshot before the order changes. Like @ognsya said, if it is not easy then by all means focus on RemNote :slight_smile:

Also, this thread itself seems to contain an example (at least on my computer)