[Wiki] CSS snippets to make things more compact and information dense and/or less visually obtrusive

I tried to update this wiki in the Requests section, and to add a section “Make elements more prominent”. I hope I didn’t mess up anything! I might suggest renaming this page to be more general, "CSS snippets to adjust compactness and minimalness: :smiley:


Edited the edits, renamed the topic. Please don’t add stuff that doesn’t have to do with the goals: Hannes’ kanban is an additional feature.

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No problem! Sorry about that!

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This is really useful! Just wondering if you know how to reduce the minimum size an image can be resized to? Line height doesn’t have any effect.

Is there a way to hide the “Flashcards” and “Edit Later” in the Sidebar? I never need those things and that’s prime real estate for me.

div.flex.items-center.mb-1.h-\[32px\].overflow-hidden.text-gray-60 {
	display : none;

Thanks so much Achyut! Worked so perfectly! I will add it to the wiki.