Will the long-form tutorials be updated?

Given the significant redesign, will the long-form (and/or the video) tutorials be updated? RN can be a bit overwhelming to newcomers and certain aspects now either look or function differently than they did a year ago.


Yes most certainly, we are working on them as we speak and will be ready for the full public launch :slight_smile: That’s when a new user might potentially need it, for now since this is still in Beta we hope the long form tutorials might not be a deal breaker for existing users and that the changelog was sufficient to explain everything that has changed.

In any case, the tutorials should be ready soon :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it!

Agreed, beta users are fine without it – I was thinking more in terms of later on when it’s released into the wild anyway. Indeed, I find that I keep referring back to the changelog to try to remember some of the changes. If only there was an app that could help me remember these things! :wink: