"X" signs after template's slots

When generate rem using template, my descriptors (slots) right after their name have “X”. After I click on them nothing happens. What are they for?

Here’s an image of that “X” sign: image

See What’s the little x after a reference for? and Tag/reference misconception


Thank you for replying.
If I understood correctly, clicking on “X” removes TypeParent–TypeChildren relationship. The thing is, in my case, I get that “X” for slots of template, and not when referencing parent remt. Take a look at example below:


  • Slot1
  • Slot2

RandomRem ##Template

  • Slot1 “X”
  • Slot2 “X”

According to my understanding, “X” should appear if I would have rem like this
This is some rem that ends with reference to [[RandomRem]]

@Mechkalito You get that TypeParent-TypeChildren relationships with all rems ending in a reference (and every time you use a tag). (The x is only visible if you make it a card though.) Trailing references implicitly tag a rem: For example you get it as data-rem-tags in the markup. And tags express the Type relationship. Because of this tags behave transitive. Slots just label a child of a parent P such that if you tag another rem with P (apply the template) you get that slot as unfilled.