Zombie references to power-up rems

Platform: Windows 10, desktop app, local kb


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create three portals and select them:
  2. Pick some color from the bottom menu or turn them into task by pressing Ctrl+Enter or pick header size from the bottom menu.

I was previously experiencing Zombie references power ups as well when I was having issues with the PDF power up feature. I would end up having multiple pdf source, file, type power ups. In my case it was not generated through portals & even referencing them but simply by using the pdf feature

To resolve the issue I went to a backup about a month ago to restore the pdf feature. This resulted in some data loss but since the data was not of any consequence I did not explore any further. This sounds a little different than your issue yet at the same time did create these zombie power ups that you are referring to

I still have the zombie rems & orphans being created every day where when I first log in I need to delete them before doing anything else

Realize none of this might help but just letting you know that there are others with the same issue if a little different


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