Zoom I’m on Rem and try to move results in focus shifting between Rem title and move dialogue

When I zoom in on a Rem and the use the Move function the focus of the cursor is constantly shifting between the Rem title and the move dialogue - so as I try to enter the name of the Rem I want to move it to, it keeps adding to the title of the Rem instead


can you make a gif for this?
an easy tool to do gif on windows: ScreenToGif - Record your screen, edit and save as a gif, video or other formats

+1 for this one. I am able to recreate the issue

In the GIF below I am continuously clicking inside the text box ( yellow circle highlights) to get the cursor back in the move dialog, but the cursor keeps jumping back to the editor (which you can see in the background while I type first two characters). Also, some characters are typed into the editor (possibly corrupting the document content if someone tries this feature)


Thank you for posting - this is my problem exactly

Now I understand: I have the same issue

Thanks everyone for the accurate description - reproduced and will be fixed :slight_smile: