Zoom Into Rem & Open in Other Pane Via Keyboard Not Working

When playing with the new update the ability to open the pane via the keyboard does not seem to work. The shortcuts show Ctrl + Shift + " but when I do so nothing happens

I am sure this is just a result of the update so just mentioning so dev are aware. I use multi panes a lot so would appreciate it if this were to be fixed

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For me (MacOS) Cmd-" Zooms into the rem, but in the same pane. When I press all three keys Cmd-Ctrl-", nothing happens, as you describe.

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For me it does not work. I am on PC though

Will explore a little further to see if it is platform specific issue then

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Yes, so as you have stated it works as you have mentioned. In a single pane it works with the keys you mentioned (using the PC equivalent) but does not with more than 1 pane

usually i can click into rems with my mouse but that doesn’t look like it works anymore either :frowning:

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This shortcut is fixed on the next release - thanks!


Thanks for the reply & update. Really appreciate your time

Will the next release also fix the command + shift + P shortcut on Mac? It no longer opens Rems in a new pane.