A better dark mode

Please improve the dark mode for the web version as well as the mobile version of remnote. As far as I can see currently it just inverts everything and that causes a lot of lag and some elements of the UI do not look good. For example even the profile picture is inverted which should not be the case. Also please make it more black rather than grey or if possible provide an option to choose between dark and complete black themes.

Otherwise this is a really great tool and I wish the best for the remnote community!

I agree!

Some views (like the settings panel) are blurred and using it causes a lot of discomfort for eyes! The weird glow under some views and rems makes text unreadable. Attached pictures also look blurred, not sharp at all as in light mode, colors in attached video files are inverted.


My add-ons to a better dark mode are:

  • better contrast when selecting text
  • better contrast for all the current available highlights
  • better contrast for quote

I agree.
I know we can use custom css to change our theme, but I’ve tried custom css ant it did not work on the pdf pane currently. Under the orginial theme, the highlight of PDF is hard to see, especially the yellow one.
Hope remnote could optimize the dark mode, not simply reverse the color.


Some suggestions by @Impyrean
for removing the dark mode on Remnote

just posting it here so that it can be seen as such

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  • Images sometimes show up in weird color.

To fix the inverted profile image:

#document-sidebar__account-capsule__text {
	filter: hue-rotate(180deg) invert(1);

Paste this code in Custom CSS and it should work. The problem is, this code inverts the profile image even if you’re in white mode!

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For most of us, we are usually revising in either the morning or late evening after school. If the app had a better dark mode, it would be a better version since it would have less strain on our eyes rather than a dark mode that just inverts the colour scheme of the app. Hope to see this implemented soon.

It would be great if the Dark Mode feature could be improved. Features such as not inverting everything, like my profile picture gets inverted and the colour should be more dark rather than the grey theme right now. Additionally, it needs to be more high contrast. Hope we can see improvements in this in future updates. However, I just discovered this app and I absolutely love it already!