Better dark mode and alternative spelling check in the desktop app

Hi developers! Thank you for your hard work.

Here are some feedbacks that you might have to consider.
One, the dark mode (Windows user) seems to work not so well, obviously with low resolution.
Two, I hope you can provide an optional spelling check. Some users, including me, might prefer British Spelling.

Many thanks!

I believe the windows app fetches spell check from your OS, so changing your language settings should give you correct spell checks. Similarly the webapp uses your browser’s spell check settings.
As for the dark mode, I think it ought to be better. Of course you can find custom CSS, but the built in Dark mode is really poor, the colours look bad sometimes, and the text glows. It’s inverted colours.
Now, I think you should rename the post to just “Better Dark Mode”, or I can do it with yout permission as well :smile:.

The original title was “Issues about the dark mode and spelling check”, I think it’s worth keeping up in case the team ever decides to integrate native spellcheck dictionaries (to handle multiple language databases, for example).

It seems better if independent features had their own threads

If would be better, but it’s not how people phrase them. If you think some requests should be merged or split and merged into multiple, flag the post, choose “something else” and write in what they should be merged into.

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Closing this in favor of A better dark mode and Change the language of the dictionary in Desktop App? which already have a lot of votes. Please add your votes there.