A Share: Popular Anki Settings for RemNote

Hi, RemNote community!

Below are the RemNote SM-2 Algorithm settings that have been converted from popular Anki recommendations



Zach Highley

Watch/Read the following to make an informed decision



Zach Highley

Short summary

Graduated interval: when ease factor adjustments begin to take place based on choosing again, hard, or easy (choosing good does not change ease factor).

  • Before reaching the graduated interval, cards are in the learning phase, which allows more leniency towards choosing again or hard because ease factor will not be applied.
  • The three collectively chose to move from the default anki graduating interval of one (1) day to allow more leniency and lessen the probability of “ease hell”
    • RemNote’s default anki graduating interval is 2 days

Anking: graduating interval at 3 days

  • Jumping into the graduated interval faster may be better suited for those being quizzed often
    • cards may appear more often due to the higher possibility (compared to other two settings) that the ease factor will reduce quicker in the graduated interval
      • less time in learning phase means higher chance that again and hard will be chosen in graduated interval
  • May require more time in queue due to seeing more cards more often, but could increase true retention rate
  • True retention goal: 95%
  • General goal: quiz well when being quizzed often

Conaanan: graduating interval at 15 days

  • Take more time learning the cards in the learning interval before beginning ease factor adjustments, which may lead to choosing “good” more often in the graduated interval
  • true retention goal: 80-90%
  • general goal: more efficient card intervals for long-term learning (5+ years)

Zach Highley: graduating interval at 6 days

  • middle ground between AnKing and Conan
  • true retention goal: 85-90%
  • general goal: spend slightly more time in the learning interval to lessen the chance of card build-up and also jump into the graduating interval at a reasonable time to begin adjusting the ease factor and do well on quizzes

Also wanted to say thank you to the RemNote team for giving us the ability to make these adjustments! RemNote is so powerful, and I am looking forward to its progress.

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I planned to do this myself when I would have some free time and you did it and shared it here, so thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I bookmarked the post.


Nice post. Thank u for sharing this.


I would like to see the rememorize add on from Anki be replicated for remnote, as well as the ability to see the ease level of all cards in our knowledge base so that low ease cards can be identified. This is of utmost importance for me for using remnote for medical school. A lot of other medical students feel this way but they don’t have enough time to give proper feedback.


I recommend using default scheduler for now, see following post:

Kinda late but there’s a mistake with the learning steps. Actually explained this on some feature request.

also small edit because that has changed with 1.4: In RemNote the first interval in your learning steps is now only for good and not good/hard