Ability to miss a day... or three

Sometimes I don’t have time in a day to work my way through my outstanding queue because of other commitments/vacation etc.

I’m currently using another SRS, and end up with a huge number of overdue cards/rems which is somewhat overwhelming and ends up not being particularly “spaced”. Wozniak describes it as " Terror of due material" (https://supermemo.guru/wiki/Spaced_repetition_does_not_work_in_a_classroom) which describes it well :slight_smile:

Is this something that RemNote resolves in some way, or does it create a treadmill that is impossible to get off? The problem seems like it is inherent in SM-2.

Edit: I believe it’s called Mercy Scheduling! Mercy - SuperMemo Help

Possibly related: SM18 in RemNote Pro

The only way to “resolve” it would be to set yourself daily goals that are slightly more than usual but smaller than the entire backlog until you work through it. You could also prepare in advance by manually practising a document in advance, so you push the cards forwards a bit more and will have a smaller backlog.