SM18 in RemNote Pro

The SM18, which has an algorithm superior to the SM02, is available for purchase in addition to Supermemo18. Why not purchase the SM18 to apply it to RemNote Pro and make it the largest spaced study tool?

That would be awesome. But is the algo itself available for sale?


Yeah I highly doubt that too!

Apparently yes, check it out at


Interesting, thanks for this! Will look into the possibilities :slight_smile:


Hello, your post made me think about this article I read recently : Battle of the Spaced Repetition Heavyweights: Anki vs. Supermemo Part II | by unrelatedwaffle | Medium

Btw I am also a SM18 user :slight_smile:


Excellent feedback. Could you share your SM2 configuration on Remnote?

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Hey! Thank you, I’m afraid I will disapoint you :sweat_smile: , at the moment I did not change anything on the sm2. I currently use supermemo for incremental reading and flashcard on “test” material and I’m using Remnote for note taking on books, lessons and as a more structured knowledge base.
What about you?

Now RemNote uses SM-2 as its best algorithm, which is quite out-dated as SuperMemo already uses SM-18.
The SM-2 can’t adjust intervals based on the difference between your actual review time and supposed revew time(you may not always finish all the cards on time, so that creates a delay time) and have many other problems that may increase your daily workload which may considered as unnecessary using SM-18.
I’ll appreciate you can listen to my advice and I hope RemNote to be better from the bottom of my heart.


We are certainly looking into this :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback

This would be awesome!

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@Karthikk is there some evolution regarding this? It would be great to have some improvement and not using the (old) SM02.

As a user I’d happily pay an extra fee for this kind of improvement, no doubt :slight_smile:

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Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform. This particular request already exists there.