Add a toggle to add slots as concepts or plain rem

At the moment, added slots are automatically made descriptors, so referencing them shows their parent. Pretty annoying if using them to store information about the parent rem inside it, as it requires changing the added slots to concepts manually. See images.

Current automatic behaviour

Manually changed to concepts

We are planning to introduce a different mechanism to store such metadata, that doesn’t have to be a concept or a descriptor.
It could have it’s own delimiter (like :: ). Would that fix this for you?

To be honest, my suggestion seems like an utterly trivial addition (I assume the slots are added as plain rem and then set to descriptors, so just don’t set them or allow an option to set to concepts), while adding a whole new delimeter for metadata storage is an entirely new feature.

My usage of that new feature would depend on how well it integrates with existing template functionality - I’ve gotten quite used to doubling up concepts as slots and tags.

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Just curious, you could actually turn the slot which is set to descriptor, into a concept by using the slash command right?

Also, would be interesting to revisit this FR once that new feature is released.

I don’t see why not, I do it by the ctrl+alt+c shortcut (at the moment it is bugged so I have to do it individually for each rather than selecting all and pressing once), it’s what I meant by “manually” in the OP.

I’ll be sure to update if the new feature makes my current use case obsolete, but it seems like a good option to have for templates generally to avoid unneeded rigidity and give the users extra choice.

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