Add the option to choose which Knowledge Bases to search in Desktop App

I am using desktop app and working on some knowledge base (consider local only db). But If I want to search something from other knowledge bases, I would have to switch the knowledge base and again query it and return back to the knowledge base that I was previously working on.
It would be better if there was an setting to enable/disable the knowledge bases I want to search. You can make it read only if the content i’m searching is on different knowledge base and some icon/something to notify it is a different knowledge base from the one I’m currently working on.

I know its a niche feature but it is really useful :grin:.


I’ve edited the title a bit, since the OP describes the wanted functionality more accurately.

As an aside, implementing this would also allow to keep a specific KB for archival purposes.

Also leaving a backlink for FR for KBs in the web app: Creating multiple synced knowledge bases

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