All Chinese Inputs in RN doubled, after Chrome/Edge updated v100

All Chinese Inputs in RN doubled, after Chrome/Edge updated v100.
Others is normal.
I can’t upload more then one media.


For example google,that’s ok,no double


In newer versions of Chrome and edge (version 100), typing Chinese in remnote results in a double-entry error! This is already a direct break to remnote notes and I hope Remnote team can fix this bug urgently, for that I had to choose other browsers or local side but they are not as good as Edge. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Is this caused by chrome v100???!!! OMG :cold_face:

Does remnote use slate as dependency?

Please help!!! This is a very urgent problem!
We can’t use remnote!

If this is triggered by chrome, I believe many users can’t use remote now, not only Chinese, but Japanese…every user who not use English!


Btw, what’s your OS? I’m in Mac

That’s right the problem I’m facing

@mattygrov @Martin @Karthikk

Does Remnote care about the users???

We can’t use remnote almost a week because of the typing problem. I use bug report in the remnote(4 times!!!), also some users report here, but we still get any response?

Do we have to wait to the next major release???

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You saved my life! :love_letter:

Great thanks for this temporary solution

Hey, thanks for the ping! As mentioned earlier we have already been working on an I18n friendly editor that should solve such issues for non-Latin language users in RemNote. We are also looking if we could do something to fix this specific one sooner, but you could expect to have the new editor roll out with the next update (soon).

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Change msedge’s “major version” to “enable” also double chinese inputs today.
install User-Agent Switcher and Manager - Chrome 网上应用店 (
change user-agent to chrome 92.It can be a temp solution.

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各种中文输入法导致无法正常录入,对中文用户的支持不好。网页版本完全无法使用,APP 勉强使用,输入中文,重复输入2次内容,这个问题已经很久,请问会解决吗?

Various Chinese input methods lead to failure of normal input and poor support for Chinese users. The web version is completely unusable. The app is barely used. Enter Chinese and repeat the content twice. this problem has been for a long time. Will you solve it?

Hey everyone! I have confirmed with the Engineering team that these bugs related to Chinese language will be fixed with the new editor. We are hoping that we can rollout this update in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, please use the Desktop app where the double-character input problem should not happen.


Incidentally please open a pay treasure, I want to send money!

Thanks a lot ! !!!

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As a programmer, I can understand how annoying the dependency problem might be. And although remnote still have some bugs it’s still my favourite note-taking tool, and I believe it can become better because of the advanced concepts in this system. Thanks for all your efforts!

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If you type Korean characters in a RemNote, two characters appear in duplicate. Rem note is no longer available.
What’s the cause?

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