An option to move a portal to another parent and keep the original rem in place

Problem:: Let’s say I just got inspired by a concept I’m learning. So, I thought I can put it to a project that I’m working on. That requires me to both move the concept and keep one at the original place. So far, I don’t find a solution that can achieve this in one click.

Not one click. But it can be done in a few different ways. Depends a lot in your workflow, and how your Rems are structured.

First of all, is this what you want to achieve?

Similar, but the search portal should be on another page.

It’s just nicer to have a function that does it in one click.

Yeah, I just showed them this way to make it easier.

There aren’t really “pages” in RemNote. Bullets, Documents and folders are all the same thing - Rem. Any bullet can be clicked and opened on itself (as a “page”).

How would you suggest the UI to be for doing that in 1 click?
(Maybe it’s already possible, but Im not sure what you mean yet)

Well, moving to a different document leaves a portal behind and - apart from the shortcut - it’s a single click in the rem’s meatball menu:

Yes, but that’s 1 click (or 3 keystrokes) + at least a few keystrokes to find the target document…

I understood they he wanted 1 click, and nothing more. :smiley:

Could add a “Create Portal Under New Parent” option to the menu (bind it to ctrl+alt+shift+m).

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Sorry, my bad. You can’t achieve it with one click. But you probably can save steps by not copy/pasting into the portal to another page.

Before Open two pannels, copy the portal, then paste to ‘green product innovation’ pannel.
After Open only one pannel, click ‘copy the portal to a new parent’, then select the parent without opening a new pannel.


That’s what I want. Thanks for your explaination!

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See also: New Command: Set new parent without portal

(@UMNiK, do you want to lock that one?)

Eh, they are distinct enough. This one is for moving portals instead of rem, yours is for no portals whatever.

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Basically all variations for moving/duplicating something (Rem/Portal) from an original location A to a target location B

A A after B How
Rem Portal Rem /move
Ctrl + Shift + M
Rem Rem Portal /Copy as Portal, Ctrl + V
Alt + Drag
This FR
Rem Rem Rem Copy Duplicate Rem
Ability to duplicate rems and portals
Rem properties are not preserved when copying and pasting
Rem - Rem Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V
New Command: Set new parent without portal
Portal Portal Portal Copy Duplicate Portal
Ability to duplicate rems and portals
Portal - Portal Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V

I am not sure if I understand this request correctly. I think this is already possible? In which case this request is to make it so that it’s possible with one click?

If you move a Rem using the /move command or the keyboard shortcut, you can already achieve this?
It almost always leave a portal behind, unless this move is very close to the original hierarchy or is visible in the same editor and a few other conditions.

Hi @Karthikk , before the 1.4 update, using /move (CMD + SHIFT + M) used to move the Rem to whatever parent you select, and would leave behind a portal.

Now it appears to not do this anymore? Am I doing something wrong?


Tagging @hannesfrank as well since you mentioned this used to leave a portal behind.

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Hey! this is an oversight from our side and is being fixed :slight_smile: