Annotating .epub or .mobi to make book notes

Recently I have thought about the idea of directly annotating books in RemNote (similar to PDFs).
Since the release of RemNote Pro, the pdf annotator has been an absolute game changer for me.
Yet, most books aren’t written in pdf format, but in .mobi or .epub .

The option to directly "import a book into RemNote and annotate it there would make the note-taking process so much easier.

I know that the PDF annotator is mainly used for research/studying purposes. However, I think that RemNote is much more than just a note-taking software for studying.

I’d really appreciate this feature. Just think of it: highlighting text passages in a book, referencing them, and jumping back to them with just one click.

Best Regards, Tobi

Please, expand the pdf highlight feature to more formats, like epub and mobi.


I agree; I’ve some textbooks that are epub format I’d like to study from.

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Hey! I see great niche for tools that make simple data collecting & annotating books & note taking, that turns those things into a easy to use, great looking UX/UI workflow. I need such a tool, with browser clipper, and easy book annotating, notetaking and referencing to annotation context. Your app does UX/UI very well and It’s close to what I need, but I lack features of book annotation. Please add it and help us build easy to use PKM workflows :slight_smile:

I think that integrating with expsting tools is good enough, I only want to be albe to go back to context of annotated text from the note and annotation I’ve taken easily and that’s it. I’ve found out that Calibre reader has very nice markdown export options and fits my workflow well

also is a very nice option

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