April 2021 Beta Server Update

Hey @LLL! A new update has been pushed to the RemNote Beta server which mainly has bug fixes and one new feature upgrade :rocket:

What’s New?

Ordered Search Portals

  • It’s frequently useful to find the most recent time you’ve mentioned an idea. Search portals can now be sorted by “Created Time”, enabling you to find the most recent time that you’ve made a Rem Reference, applied a tag, or embedded a Rem into a document.
  • Search portals can additionally be sorted/grouped by Slot values. For example, if I have a search portal listing todos, they can automatically be grouped by finished/unfinished.
  • Newly created backlink sections will automatically be ordered by “created at”.

Additional News:

  1. We are excited to announce that we are ready to invite our Pro Tier users as well into the RemNote Beta Server. :tada:
    This will be implemented in a couple of days, and all of you should be able to access the server as well. Welcome aboard everyone!
  2. Now everyone with access to the Beta Servers can provide feedback here. We thank you all for the assistance in testing and reporting bugs on the beta server, which will ensure that our Main Server Updates are as stable as possible. We really appreciate the efforts and the time that is spent to make RemNote a better experience for everyone. :star:

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hey @marcothesis appreciate the feedback, but I think it makes more sense to discuss these in the beta server category?

Any updates @Karthikk regarding the opening up of beta server for pro users.

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The ordered search portals are really good! Sorting to-dos by finished/unfinished and even Daily Documents by finished/draft is important to make these features more powerful. I made some tests and found it to work very well! Congratulations to the team!


Hey @arunnbabu81, I am onboarding the list of Pro users to the forum as we speak and access will be granted in a day or two at the max :slight_smile:

With regard to Beta Server, does it make any sense if I am a Pro user but just use RemNote to work on my local knowledge base?
(By the way, once I suffered application crash and data lost using online knowledge base. I am not sure the exact reason but just suspect the bad network in my office.)

Any updates? I have not received the beta server updates yet

You gotta log in to https://beta.remnote.io/ to access them.

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