Arbitrary number of panes and the ability to arrange them freely

See it implemented as an extension to Roam.

Would fit perfectly with “everything is a rem”. I assume the development time is hefty though.

A similar approach is attempted by Napkin.

Is it possible to have more than two panes open at a time? I like to have my daily doc, lecture document and the PDF associated with it open at the same time - any ideas?

If you’re OK with 2 of the items being in the same pane you could create 2 portals in one pane, containing the items you’re wanting.

If you want side by side in 1 pane each I don’t believe that can be done yet

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You can also open multiple browser windows if you are using the web app.


so I’m watching RemNote Tutorial #14: Split Screen - YouTube

I feel the split screen is too limited for my needs to cross reference, compare and mass edit rems

Can we have something like this?

Panes in Obsidian can be split infinitely and resized, and they make cross-referencing multiple notes a breeze.

Panes can be pinned to keep its content or linked together so they can show different views of the same note. Combine panes to set up your powerful workspaces.

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We’ve been voting for this here (the title is more specific, but the discussion there is for that broader multipanel thing)

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Yes, I upvoted. I’m also a bit surprised it doesn’t have more upvotes considering this is quite essential to working on multiple rems. I suppose we can create multiple portals every time, but that doesn’t sound like a good alternative.

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Yeah, agree,

In theory one could use “temporary portals” to do this (directly in the Rem you’re editing, or in the second panel), but it’s awkward.

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Andy Matuschak Mode basically will let us open multiple documents on one screen
for example, his notes on remntoe each reference will open next to each other.
like this


Lacking this feature is a crucial disadvantage compared to obsidian. We can open as many panels as we want in obsidian to get a bird’s-eye view quickly.


I really enjoin sliding panels in obsidian