Bibliography reference management and automatic footnotes when copying and pasting from a website

In another thread has been discussed about footnotes (strictly speaking they would be endnotes). It’s been suggested there (and I’ve seen this in other app forums as well) that this might be possible with manual hyperlinks, but I think it would be great if the reference manager was built into the app.

In the same way, many will know that when you copy content from the web and paste it into onenote, a note appears below that says “from: <>”. The same function would be great, but for the reference to appear in the footnotes (“endnotes”).

I’ve been thinking for a long time that such an app would immediately appeal to all scholars / writers.

Have not tested but it seems Roam Highlighter can be configured to paste source information.

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Oh yeah? Do these Roam Research guys have rotating cats as well?! I don’t think so! :upside_down_face:

haha you are right. Remnote is the best!

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I think this functionality could be built into the web clipper rather the main app, since PDFs can be opened in chrome but not in RemNote. For the moment you can use to annotate everything (have to toggle an option to open local files) and have an archive of web and local annotations.

Since, we have pdf in Remnote… is this a functionality yet?

The footnotes, bibliography or citations… whatever

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform. This particular request already exists there.