Can not navigate to portal

When a rem is referred in another file as a portal, I always navigate to a wrong position which is the parent of it, so I can not land precisely

Often the first navigation just loads the document, while the second takes you to the precise rem.

what does you mean “the second navigation”? It always takes me to the document

Try letting the document it took you to load fully, close it, then shift-click the portal backlink again. For me it then opens the now loaded document and scrolls to the wanted portal inside it (even though the full breadcrumbs aren’t shown in the backlink, see the feature request to change this behaviour).

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I see your point! I tried shift + right click and it comes to the portal too.
However, I can not understand the intent of this design too, always “load fully” a huge document is unreasonable, and it will change the previous fold state (if the fold state is deliberate)! So I also think we should change this behavior…
Thanks a lot, UNIiK!

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To be clear, I did not mean you should unfold the document manually, just make sure it shows all the already rem and references etc rather than “loading…”. Closing the document’s pane and then using the backlink should then correctly reopen it and scroll to the correct location.

I imagine this is a limitation of not being able to load the entire database at once rather than a design choice.

What does you mean “make sure it shows all the already rem and references etc rather than “loading…”.”
How can I make sure it shows all the already rem and references instead of using shift + pgDn (↓) to unfold the document manually :thinking:

If you see the actual reference’s text rather than just the blue “loading…”, it’s done. Perhaps you are having a different issue, but this works for me. Easiest to check when using fulltext search (ctrl+p): first search result activation brings up the parent document that loads in gradually, second (again invoking the search bar and just choosing the most recent search) scrolls to the actual rem.

What does you mean by “blue loading”? still can not understand without a picture :frowning:

You see, I have a rem called “associativity”, then I use it as portal in another rem. However, with the backlink, I can only find the nearest document which is language

May be we can solve the problem by tagging all the rem “document”. However, that does not make sense.

Happily, most things load too fast for me to easily snap a picture. Essentially, if the exact reference’s text cannot be loaded, it is replaced with a placeholder “Loading…”. Once loaded, the proper text is shown.

I’m afraid I can’t offer you more advice than navigating twice to the same thing (first navigation triggering the load, second the scroll to the specific rem) if it only brings you to the top level. Feel free to contact support via the lower right question mark button or file a bug report on GitHub.

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OK, thanks for your reply! I will give it a try

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