Can't embed 'Shared' rem web-pages in iFrame on my own website: ERROR "There is no route for the path"

I use RemNote to share flashcards for my students. Currently I can ‘Share’ those rem as stand-alone web-pages like this one. My students can successfully access that web-page (without a Rem login).

But when I try to embed that web-page into an iFrame on my website it gives the error: “There is no route for the path”

Please help fix this error so that I can use RemNote to augment my website, similar to Quantum Country’s “mnemonic medium” way of interspersing SRS prompts throughout their articles.

Fixing this error would also significantly help teachers, by letting them embed RemNote directly into their school online learning platforms (e.g. ManagaBac, Moodle, and possibly Google Classroom), making it easy for entire classes to regularly use RemNote for their daily study. Getting entire schools to use RemNote it probably one of your largest target markets, so I expect you would be prioritizing those efforts.

Here is the embed code I am using:

<iframe src="" height="800" width="100%" title="Example RemNote Embed"></iframe>

Here is the website link I am trying to embed it on.

The iFrame gets there, but isn’t allowed permission to access the Rem web-page contents. I tested this both for ‘Public’ and ‘Unlisted’ shares. I want it to work for both types.

The error through Google Chrome browser:

The error through Brave browser:

This isn’t the same error as Embedding RemNote in Notion (Nov 2020) , but is similar to Embedding RemNote to Notion (Dec 2020)

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