Collapse cause by Chinese character in search bar

What have I done to find the bug

  1. Use shortcut Ctrl+P to open the search bar.
  2. Type some Chinese characters here and press Enter. (for example :“链接地址”)
  3. Search bar then collapses.(As shown below)

Other info

  1. Operating system: Windows10 2004 (19041.508)
  2. RemNote version: 1.1.10 or 1.1.12 or 1.1.13
  3. Frequency of occurrence: very high

Many Chinese users are confused by this bug now and it realy degrades the user experience. Hope to see fixes in the future. : )

Thanks for reporting this, we are documenting all these issues and will work on fixes as soon as we can.

Does this happen when you search using Chinese characters altogether or only for certain Chinese characters?

Almost all Chinese characters here will result in collapse, as long as they are the first one inputted into the search bar.
This bug still remains in version 1.3.6.

My personal solution is to input a blank space here first before any other key words, to avoid making any Chinese character in the first place. Though not very convienient, but works well.

Btw, this issue was also putted on Github. Collapse cause by Chinese character in search bar · Issue #812 · remnoteio/remnote-issues · GitHub

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That’s a very nice workaround, thanks for suggesting that as it could help every Chinese user!
You have received our very first custom badge - " Hacky Solution Award". Thanks for the tip man!

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CTRL + P search in browser or desktop version will result a error, like below:

input single character in Microsoft IME for Chinese then push Space in keyword will show this issue.
catch error shows as below

You can search with an ascii character first then deleted it in the same dialog, now you can search with Non-ascii characters