Support for Non-Latin Input Methods, Translation (and Related)

Hi, everyone! This is a thread to collect issues regarding input of Asian characters and other non-Latin characters, as well as requests and suggestions for app translation for users that require it (has been specifically requested by users from China). Your contribution is welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:

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Use this filter: is:open label:internationalization

I will be keeping track of these issues and will update this post accordingly. But of course, if I’ve missed anything that is absolutely essential to mention in this “main post”, please let me know and I will add it in.

Thank you for your (further) contribution in advance! :remnote:


The translation could be organised as open source project similar to


Yes, Chinese Community want to help translate strings and guide if needed.
And for Search currently we should type space before type the search string to mitigation the search issue.


Unlike English keyboard , there is a word selection after we spell it. But after we press Enter to select, the cursor in Rem goes to a new line which completely disables me to use.

That’s it!
When will RemNote support Chinese input? :neutral_face:

When I select the candidate word after typing, the cursor always appear at the beginning of the sectence, but in the iPhone, this bug is disappear.
by the way, typing Chinese words, and using iPad pro, OS 14.

Hi! When I try to create a card in Korean, all the letters try to go backwards, and I cannot create a remnote that goes forwards. As soon as I switch my keyboard to Korean it moves the cursor around and starts typing backwards.
Has anyone else experienced this? How can I work around this?


I am typing a lot of Vietnamese and I also have some problems. The cursor jumps around and sometimes I’m suddenly at the beginning of the line. Or the cursor suddenly disappears and I type nowwhere and have to click on the position again. Never had this issue with English.
(I use Vivaldi on Linux)


Thank you! That’s helpful.


What distro and Input Method do you use to type Vietnamese…?

thanks, got the same problem, no way to fix it.

I’m having same problem with Safari.
But at least with Chrome, it’s fine so far.

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If possible, I would also like to suggest for the search function to work like how it does on Google Docs/Sheets. I don’t really study vocabulary this way (I just pasted it on to RemNote to show how the search function does not really find everything that I’m looking for).

Also in another instance, where I can’t find the exact word I’m trying to put in a portal.
Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 03.31.20

However, I can when I switch to typing in English.

It (support for non-latin input methods) would make the workflow a bit better if there was a way to make the search/filter recognize input in other languages as well.

I hope these screenshots try to explain what I’m trying to say. I realized I could not attach a video and the gif was kind of illegible.

edit //
The search function, such as below, does not work well.

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Adding related report here :


Hope Remnote supports Chinese.
In China, a large number of users have the habit of using notes, but the language problem is the most basic threshold. I believe RN will gain more than expected after supporting Chinese.

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Yes we are going to start working on the translation and better support soon.


I have a few problems with Korean input. (The cursor jumps around etc.)
I made a payment a while ago. but, Because of this, I have stopped using Remnote

This is something I have never experienced with other programs.

Please fix the Korean input problem quickly. This is a big problem.

Here is a related link.


Decided to cancel the subscription temporarily, this problem affects mac users too much.
Originally firefox can also be used as a workaround, but now even firefox has problems.