Creating concepts with ":=" instead of capital letter (which is prone to undesired results)

I think it should be changed with an intentional marker instead of Capital letter, to avoid current problems:

  1. In some languages, the Capitalization is unavoidable for something to make sense grammatically: Substantive are capitalized in German (see below). → Concept/descriptors shouldn’t rely on aspect of language that are mandatory for it to make sense…

  2. Letters and special character are interpreted as Capital Letter : Starting with numbers and special characters → Concept :confused: . In my experience: a lot of my descriptor start with the number of element to list (e.g.: “3 properties of…”)

  3. there are concepts that require lower casing : there are many times when a lower-case starting letter makes sense for a Concept. In my experience, case-sensitive function (while learning programming) come often.

  4. ambiguous, and it interrupts the workflow: It is possible to switch a Capitalized word to a descriptor via the toolbar. However, it forces switching between Concept and Descriptor (with mouse, via the bottom toolbar, see bottom of post). The result of that is that, the lower capitalized can be concepts as well as the opposite. This unambiguous situation is unnecessary.

By principle, IMO, the concept vs descriptor framework deserves an intentional, non-ambiguous input method, that isn’t case-sensitive, as sometime case sensitivity is useful for what we put in our knowledge base.

I suggest “:=” vs “::” but there probably is a better looking (less ambiguous visually) way to do so.

I hope my request make sense :slight_smile:

Concept := this is the concept definition
3 properties :: these are the names of the 3 properties

Additionally: When you are German, you are likely to use substantives for either thing - and substantives in German always have a capital letter in front. So the whole concept-descriptor framework by starting letters doesn’t work in German at all natively (my workaround is to use the article - der, die, das - for descriptors but that’s somewhat odd).
Though there might be also a keyboard shortcut for descriptor and concept, but am not sure .


IMO, that would be a good enough reason to switch to an intentional marker instead of capital letter :+1:


already found them but in my system (chrome) they most o# the time don’t work but change back to original state right after :slight_smile: might be just my system though :slight_smile:

That’s an option, but it’s quite cumbersome. Using := (or :::slight_smile: for concepts and :: for descriptors would make the usage much easier for people that use languages other than English where capitalisation matters, and it’s also not more work for all the other users who only use English. Being able to toggle it in the settings would be ideal though, in my opinion


I Second this feautre.
I would add that there are languages without capitalized letters at all. And to use the shortcuts I need to change the language of the keyboard to English each time.

this has been addressed with the redesign :slight_smile: