Plea for an internationalisation of the keyboard use accross RemNote

It is maybe too difficult to achieve since there are so many keyboard layouts and languages…but:

I would argue that it would benefit RemNote as a product for its future development, and the many users across the globe if we could have a syntax and shortcuts that work for a larger pool of language and keyboard layouts.

One example is the use of capital letters for concepts, another the impossibility for me to use Ctrl + ` for quick add, or resulting in cumbersome method for quote shorcut.

In an ideal world, I would see a power-up page with user-definable shortcuts, simply editable and that could be simply synced (like the custom css). Maybe similarly to AHK, maybe that’s a crazy thought, hehe :sweat_smile:

If I missed something obvious let me know :slight_smile:


I’ve moved this from discussion to feature request.

in the mean time, this might be useful:
with autohotkey, it’s easy to remap the keyboard. In the example below, I change the µ for CTRL+ALT+µ+{space} which is necessary to produce the ` command on my keyboard.

^!µ:: Send ^!µ {A_space}

to load this ahk command at startup for windows, put the ahk file in
\\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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