Creating tables

There is a very nice css snippet for turning rems into a kanban board which I use a lot. Sometimes though, what I really need is a table. Is there a similar css snippet, or maybe a plugin, which can render a set of rems and their children as a table ?

Here are some options:

Amazing. Thanks for that. I’m going to have a crack at using the WIP: Table Layout.

How to use the second one (RemTable)

I’ve just copied your table-rows implementation with a few styling tweaks of my own and it’s exactly what I needed. I think there may have been a change in RemNote since you created it though. Now, even if I tag something as 'table-rows" it gets given the tag in the html as ‘tablerows’ without the hyphen so I had to search and replace within your css to remove the hypen from the tag name to get it to work.

Anyway it works great now so than you very much.

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Glad to hear that it is useful for you!

Actually the tag normalization transforms spaces to dashes and special characters – like dashes – are removed. So the css snippet works for #table rows (or #_table rows? etc.).

I think it is not fully functional yet. The original plugin author (@panopticon on our discord) could not work on it for a while now.

Interesting, I hadn’t spotted that