Display of references / tags

I have some rems that have a lot of references and tags. I find this to be a super important feature as it allows me to easily review different contexts in which I learned about a specific concept.

However, I think the way references and tags are displayed is currently suboptional.

  • On the rem page (after you zoom in), references and tags are sorted by creation date by default. I don’t care about the date I added some reference at all. I think the “unsorted” view that actually groups by the context the reference occurs in makes much more sense. I wish it was the default, or at least there was an option to make it the default. Currently, if I want such display, I need to manually change it for every rem.
  • On the rem page (after you zoom in), the “unsorted” view does not show a context in which a tag occurs. This is different for “references” than for “tags”. It looks like a bug. I think the way they are displayed should be consistent for tags and references.
  • The quick view of references/tags (when you click on a number of references and tags) does not allow scrolling when there are many references and tags. It also looks like a bug because it works where there are many references but no tags.

100% Agreed. After tons of bug fixing, this need to be considered as high priority.


I also agree 100%. I am always changing to unsorted view when viewing my tags, and doing so also remove the unnecessary bulk from the file pathways that I don’t need to see. A default option in settings would be a great fix to this issue.


While I’d love to see this changed soon, I think the way it became much harder do create rem references in existing text in the 1.5.0 update is a more pressing issue at the moment. See Hyperlink vs rem reference.


@piotrj Dude, you speak from my heart. I would love to see all the points you mention in your original post (unsorted view, context and scrolling) implemented. It would make for a much better workflow and overview. But I also agree with your second post:


What I’d add to this list is consolidating the lists of references and tags into a single list of “references and tags” on the rem page.

I’ve seen other people doing, and I started doing myself, is to connect rems using references if a particular text occurs in a rem, and using tags otherwise. The goals is the same though, to create a connection between two rems. When I later review those connections on the rem page, the context in which they occur matters much more than whether the connection was made using a reference or a tag. That’s why I think a single list would make sense.

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For some people though, it can be important to have sorted all references and tags by creation date - the reason is, as I’ve learned now from some of my co-workers, that this makes it easier to track what progress a project has made over time.

For example, for a project (just an example), you can see all the related notes along a timeline and you can really get a feel for the path you have taken. (Compare https://agenda.com/ for a great implementation; several users say that Agenda (a) helps them get their tasks done a lot better, and (b) lets them take notes in the same app at the same time. But Agenda does two things that RemNote doesn’t yet do: First, the app ‘talks’ very well with different calendar apps. And second, like DevonThink, it is very openly integrated with the rest of the OS).

Basically, however, my conclusion is: There should be a setting option for whether you want to have the rems and tags sorted by creation date or otherwise. The blessing of use case number one is probably the curse of the other, as both really favour two different workflows - I, for example, rely on a more or less ‘date-independent’ knowledge base and would therefore prefer the unsorted view.

It can be a workaround at this moment in time