Embedding RemNote to Notion

I have a difficulties in embedding remnote to notion that remnote did not appear in my notion and I can only saw a blank white page whenever I try to embed it. Does anyone face the same difficulties too and know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance

Have you tried this?

Embedding RemNote in Notion

Hi, I had checked at it stated that I need to enable javascript to run remnote in notion, but I found that my javascript was enabled in my chrome settings. Is there any other place which javascript required to be enabled apart from chrome? The dev tools shown as below

here are the error it shown in Dev tools and I not really get what the problem is :sweat_smile:

You are just seeing the code/markup of the message that would have been shown if you had not enabled Javascript :smiley:

I think this means that the Notion browser window can not access RemNote. Make sure that you are logged in with the same account RemNote account that you want to embed in the same browser window you are running Notion (e.g. not RemNote in incognito and Notion in normal mode).

ohh~i see i see :rofl:

yeah, I used the same window for both RemNote and Notion but the problem still persists. It keeps on says that there is no route for the path :thinking: