Feature Proposals IOS App - The most important (IMHO)

At the moment, one is able to edit documents or search the whole database in RemNote on the phone. Basically, the RemNote PWA is just like the usual desktop version in a much tinier scale.

In my (humble) opinion, there is no need for editing big documents in the App. This can be done using a tablet or desktop PC. I think this just makes the PWA a bit clunky and worsens the user experience.

Here are the features that I consider most essential for RemNote’s (coming) native App:

- Proper flashcard review (if you open the app, it should be really easy to access)
**- Idea caption
- Proper Task Management made possible on RemNote native app (reoccurring events, easy planning, etc)
**Easy connectivity with other Apps (as it is already with Airr) **

Again, these are just the features I would expect from an incredibly good App.
Proposal: Make a very clean app, with the minimum distraction and minimum features. Personally, I don’t think that it is necessary to have equal features on phone and PC. I’d rather prefer a tidied up mobile App and a desktop app with dozens of features (as it is now).

Please let me know what you think of the “minimalistic App proposal”. What features would you miss (if any)?

Best Regards, Tobi

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I am always sold on a more minimalistic design. However, since RemNote is a note-taking tool, it should provide the ability to create and edit documents on mobile devices.

Tbh I am somewhat biased since I do not own a tablet or desktop PC. This might be a niche case, but for me loosing features on mobile would make RemNote less usefull.

You’re right. How about it as an option to be toggled?

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That would probably the best option for everyone :slight_smile:

My main use cases for an iOS app would be:

  1. being able to easily add notes in the field – standing in front of a customer and jotting something down (right now the PWA is slow and crashes a lot so I have to use Apple Notes)
  2. being able to take photos of stuff and annotate them
  3. super easy rem creation so that I can create rem while reading paper books (I usually have my phone near me but tbh if I’m laying in bed I really don’t want to have my laptop open).

Any sense of when the iOS app is coming?


just wanted to chime in my opinions vibe with brunntobi, especially on the front of 1) Quick Idea Capture, 2) easy task management TODOs, 3) Flashcard Review 4) ability to browse docs

Im much less concerned with the full fledged Zettelkasten features on iOS. If you look at the future of the Apple ecosystem this is the way: Apps will exist across all hardware levels, from MacBook, to iPad, to iPhone - and between the platforms what exists is always a difference in some featureset, but a focus on the design of the app of what BEST fits that form factor.

Look at any mature app and you’ll see its true. you can do a lot more on calendar, photos, etc. on Mac than iPhone - that’s how its meant to be - but the essential stuff is fast on iPhone.

For iOS that plainly is quick capture, task management, flashcard and document BROWSE.

No one on GOD’s Green Earth is managing a Zettelkasten with their thumbs. they might search for a doc to read and that’s it. Maybe write a line.

The rest is what iPad and MacBook are for.


Keen to see a iOS interface. I would love it to be able to add a quick note but link it auto to that day journal. Just like the web clipper does. I also want to be able to ##myactions. That’s my list of all my todos:)

Hi… any updates on the ios app release date?

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