February 2022 Update - RemNote 1.7 [Alpha]

Hey Life-Long Learners & RemNote Mentors :remnote: !

:star2: RemNote 1.7 is now available for the Alpha server :star2:

RemNote 1.7 - Improved Daily Documents, Advanced Queries, Connected Papers Integration & More
:spiral_calendar:Daily Document Top Bar
:infinity:Infinite Scrolling Daily Documents (Lab Feature)
:link:Backlinks Refresh
:hammer_and_pick:Advanced Queries (Lab)
:mag_right:Improved Search Results Prioritization
:loudspeaker: New Dedicated Feedback Portal (soon to be released for everyone!)
🪲In-app Bug Reporting (soon to be released for everyone!)
:spider_web::scroll:Connected Papers Integration & Sponsorship announcement - https://twitter.com/rem_note/status/1494928126790406144?s=20&t=aoVhkj-JWhd-z1YPDefxcA

For full changelog, you can now see it under your Account Menu → What’s New

Happy Learning Everyone! :remnote:


thanks for the update! when I click the What’s new, it doesn’t seem to redirect to the changelog. Also I can’t seem to find the Infinite Scrolling in Labs.


Same issue: what’s new does not redirect to any pop-up page. The infinite scrolling function is on without a way we can turn it off (because there is no option in lab to turn it off if we don’t want to use it).

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OMG, this is basically a love letter to us researchers T_T ← tears of joy
It’t not showing on my desktop app, been working all day and never noticed an update request. What do I have to do to see this?!
I gotta test out the advanced queries!!!

EDIT: Found it!!!


Can we expect another video from you on using RemNote with bibliographic source data? :slight_smile:(!!)

Wow, that sounds really interesting!

Connected papers is dope. One thing I noticed though is clicking on the remnote button on connected paper interphase does not save the pdf of the paper but it just attaches a semantic scholar link. Thanks!

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I’m exited for the new updates and especially the new Feedback/Roadmap portal!

I’ve noticed a possible bug in the Feedback Portal: If you are not yet logged in and try to react to a comment, you are promted with HelloNext’s login form and not with RemNote’s SSO:

I think it works only if the paper is available for free? I have been noticing this too, but haven’t explored this in detail yet. Would be great to get more feedback on when the PDFs are automatically captured and when they aren’t.

Good catch. This is probably because the SSO is currently working only for Alpha server. It should be fixed when we roll the 1.7 update for everyone, nevertheless will notify the team about this!

The what’s new button should be working now, could you guys check @chicken @JRY. Thanks!

We still haven’t decided whether to put it under Labs or not. We were hoping you Alpha users could give us some feedback on how this affects your daily workflow :slight_smile: (please use the feedback portal for the respective features while doing so, thanks!)

I want to give it a try
How to enable this version through the web version?

I see, I have to be a life-long learner or …

So is there a plan when this version will be released?

If you are on the life-long learning plan you can access the alpha updates at alpha.remnote.com (else you can hope to see the update for beta/everyone in a couple of days)

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That’s what I thought too but I was able to extract the pdf’s from pubmed or semantic scholar no problem. I am working on a paper right now and have not had one where it uploads the pdf directly. I had to manually download the pdfs from the sites then upload it to remnote. Which is no biggie but I think your guy’s intent is to eliminate that friction.


Definitely! This sort of confirms my concern as well, will check internally :slight_smile: thanks for the heads-up!

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I need this automatically scraped PDFs function so badly lol. That would save me so much trouble going between Connected Paper and RemNote back and forth.

Karthikk, this is a fantastic update. One of the most exciting to me since the big one re UX etc. I’m geeking over the integration and features, but honestly? The most encouraging one to me is that you got to ship the consolidated Canny.io-type solution. The various community channels attached to RemNote had accreted (naturally!) since we moved from solo dev to startup to upcoming PKM rocketship – and it’s been clear for a few months that this had become a major pain point for the RemNote team (impossible to check all of those places for feedback!), and for the community (wait, I made a post in a thing that has the RemNote logo on it, what do you mean someone won’t read every word?! Aren’t I a CUSTOMER?!)

Thrilled to see it.

If you ask me, I would be fine for you to stay on the aggressive side of consolidating the legacy places for both feedback collection and community management to be honest.

I’m a Lifelong Learner, been around for a while, and hate the functionality of this forum. I’d probably use the Discord occasionally if that were the place to go (I don’t currently know how to get there lol), but as it is I just come here whenever I think hmmm…what is the RemNote team up to these days…

Some people might be grumpy if you kill/shelve their preferred platform, but honestly you guys spending the resources to hand hold people through that is not worth it to me as a huge fan. Throw up a redirect or “Hey this is where you go now” landing page, wash your hands of it and move on to the FUN of building the best PKM, and the best PKM community, evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


This is a dream come true. This is the feature I’ve been waiting for since day one. Thank you Remnote. You guys are AMAZING!!

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Question - is this forum category the best place to submit bug reports for the alpha #alpha-remnote-server:bug-reports or would it be better to put them in here?

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Still facing the problem of not been able to find all the words for a reference or when searching a word in my knowledge base, it is better than 1.6 though.
Another thing is the problem with the portals, when I create a portal, I can’t see the breadcrumb or the hierarchy of the rem
Also when I remove “extra card detail” from a rem, the cursor of the mouse disappears, and I have to restart the app.