Feedback from a potential new user

So . . . some observations for you:

  • Front page
  • Your front page is pretty good, as a newcomer I immediately saw “note-taking”, yeah that’s what I want and was interested enough to keep reading.
  • Next thoughts: “ah, clearly aimed at education. Not really what I want, but okay, let’s keep going.”
  • “Great, a live demo!” That’s great!
  • “Hmm. Guest mode? I thought I was in a live demo?!”
  • Still, a good way to explore the features.
    . Actually I really like the live demo. That’s a great way to demo the product.
  • View Knowledge Graph
    . “The Graph View is a Pro Feature”
    … Wow, you really blew an opportunity to show me something cool.
    … Moving on.
  • Welcome to RemNote
  • Good job explaining Rem
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards
    . Interesting, but since I’m not interested in flashcards, that’s sort of telling me this product isn’t for me.
  • The six-dot thing
    . Is there a keyboard shortcut?
    . Sometimes the six-dot thing has some choices, sometimes others . . . okay context-sensitive, fine.
    … “Turn into embedded queue”?
    … “Delete Portal”?
    … Moving on.
  • “You can see the cards generated from any Rem by clicking on the Rem”
    . Not at all clear what you mean – I clicked, nothing happened
    … Now I’m unsure what a Rem is. It says “It’s a bullet point”. I thought you meant as in “a single idea”. … Maybe you mean the actual bullet point. No . . . that zooms in and I lose my context.
    . “then hovering over the cards icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen”
    … Never saw a toolbar. Is it me? Is the software buggy? Don’t know. I’m a little confused at this point.
    … Moving on.
  • Editor features.
    . Rich text, images, and more, good.
    . Looks like lots of nice stuff.
    … Ooo, tag feature looks good.
    … I wonder if tags are universal to an acct? To a document?
    . “Format your notes/”
    … Gak! What is the point of that slash? Typo I guess.
  • Okay, the slash is a command entry point, good…
  • Okay, make a test account
  • dl the Windows app
  • Interface seems reasonable. I like getting the interactive tour on the right.
  • Can I get the Help on the right?
    . No, alas, the help takes me away from my document.
    . …and my document takes me away from Help.
  • Back to my doc
    . Let’s import some data.
    … Hard fail.
    … What you want me to give you a zip file? Can’t you just take the file I have?
    … Cut and paste
    … Wow. Everything pasted into one note/rem, whatever it is.
    … So, I’ve tried Import from Dynalist, import markdown, import with copy/paste.
    … All failed.
  • Forum
  • I really hate the create-a-separate-acct for the forum thing. It’s confusing. No doubt it has something to do with your underlying software. I’ve encountered that before.
  • Glad to see you have an active community.
  • Conclusion
  • You’ve got some real potential.
  • I’m not looking for a flash card app. Flash cards seem to be central to your app.
  • Your interface is at times clever.
    – I like the focused access to lots of commands.
  • At times it’s really clunky.
  • The import failure makes it a “hard no” for me. I just don’t have time to fool around with your software to get it to work for me. There are too many competing tools, and I need to spend time on my actual project, not fooling around with your software.
  • I think maybe Rem is really an academic tool?
    . Maybe that’s your niche.
    . There are plenty of note-takers and outliners, many with similar feature sets.
    . I’m not familiar with the flashcard space, so maybe you aren’t that special there.
    . Amongst the many many notes/outline apps I’ve looked at, your outline/flashcard approach seems like a good place to be.
  • Recommendations
  • Fix the import pronto.
    . Import and export needs to be a first-class feature, imho.
    . Paste should really work, whether it’s markdown, text indented with tabs, opml, whatever.
  • Keep clarifying your interface.
    . I don’t know that it needs to be simpler, but it needs to be more coherent.
  • Keep clarifying your help.
  • Last words
  • I consider my time to be valuable. I don’t have a lot of it, and I have a lot to do.
  • I’ve spent at least an hour providing you with feedback. Maybe it isn’t helpful, but I hope it is.
  • Even though I’m not continuing using the product, that I am willing to take the time means this random user on the internet thinks you’ve got potential.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • I’ll probably come back in awhile and see how it’s going.

@Karthikk hope you see this


hi, the mac rem note app is really well made.
however, on ipads and iphones, when we log in into the online rem note page, it is really wonky. the web rem note is really poorly made. the delete button doesn’t work, everything is moving all around, doing simple tasks on the web rem note is also really annoying. i hope you guys can’ fix this and better even, make an app for the iphone or the ipad. thanks

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there’s work being done on an actual mobile app of remnote. please stay tuned.

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Hi @chicken , is there a way to reset the interactive tour, I have forgotten some of the features and wanted a recap of the entire tour. Thanks.

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Reset Interactive Tour : Settings => Account => Danger Zone =>
Click image
=> Then

You can open Interactive Tour with:


Thank you very much.

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