Feedback on Search Improvements made in RemNote 1.6

Hey everyone! We have made quite a few core changes to how the search works and would like to hear your feedback on how it feels in day-to-day use.

:mag_right: Instantaneous Search

  • RemNote is your second brain, and we want it to be just as fast as your first one! To better achieve this goal, we’ve upgraded search to be “instantaneous” – get search results as fast as you can type!
  • We’ve also rebuilt search so that it stays lightning fast even as your knowledge base increases in size. That means users with huge knowledge bases still reap the rewards of instantaneous search.
  • This upgrade also ensures that you’ll have a great search experience on our upcoming iOS app!
  • Instantaneous search also brings a more frictionless and consistent experience when using RemNote across multiple browser tabs. This helps you always find what you’re looking for, regardless of where you use RemNote!
  • More search improvements coming soon:
  • Further improvements to search rankings
  • Removing the initial loading delay
  • Broader querying ability

Hi, @Karthikk! As stated in this post, I’m having terrible problems with main search and prompted by [[

Also, what is happening with the option to disable Windowed panes? I really don’t like the way they behave, and would like to use only two panes.



Hey Dante, those bugs/improvements are unfortunately not related to this update. They are however being tackled by @Danny, as we speak and will be part of Search Prioritisation improvements in the coming 1.7 update

The Windowed panes has now moved out of Labs and is a core feature of the app. However, it’s not required that you use it. If you don’t wish to have more than two panes, then you can simply replace the content of one pane with whatever you wish to open (instead of using Shift).

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Desktop, Version 1.6.7 (main channel), local database, on Windows 11 (all updated).

Yes, I still do face those issues. It’s fantastically annoying :slight_smile: (But thanks for your efforts)

I do not experience the issues when I create new knowledge bases; be it web or local. However, when I upload (json) my local knowledge base to the web, all of the mentioned issues occur anew. It doesn’t matter whether I’m accessing the knowledge base via browser (Firefox) or desktop app. Reinstall of RemNote, deleting all rems and re-import (json) locally did not help…

(Issues: 1. broken search, 2. messed up sidebar and 3. 404-error → see screenshots in original post for all of this)

edit: Generally, in old databases - be it with or without rem - the search does not seem to work properly → compare the screenshots below for the database online. This is the same, whether I access it via desktop app or web. Though the search is loading now, RemNote does not seem to find (in these examples) ‘Hello’ or ‘Stub’.

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Thanks for the info. Am I right to assume that the search issue is happening only for this specific KB (JSON file) that you have tried uploading to the web app and the desktop app. Other KBs (new or old) work fine?

I have pushed your case internally, either me or @Danny might get back when more information is needed. Thank you for your patience!


Thank you very much, I much appreciate this. :+1: :slight_smile:

Maybe I have expressed myself not altogether clear: No, the issues occured in all old KBs. When I created new KBs all is fine.

As of today, after deleting all rem and basically starting from scratch, all is fine - online and, as written, in new, local KBs.

The main, old and local one, though, still is disfunctional. When I uploaded this local KB via the mentioned json, search also did not work.

So, yes, you are partially right: it mainly concerns the old, local KB. This is my main one though, with over 50’000 rem.

Thanks for your efforts

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Hello, I would just like to say this app is amazing, I am from Jamaica and has been using it for a while now and I love everything about it, except that the best features have to be paid for , which makes sense but as a high school student with only my single mother as a source of income I cannot afford it. It is possible that there could be a free premium student plan like the one on Notion of even just the image occlusion, it really helped me on my end of terms last year and now if I want to do it I have to be switching between Remnote and Anki, which kinda defeats one of my main purposes for downloading the app in the first place. :frowning:


You may apply for the student discount via this form (found via website’s pricing FAQ).


My issue may be related with this one

Hi there,

I too am having issues with the search function(s). I thought that it was an issue with my laptop but I am no longer sure that is the case.

Many times a day I see this sort of dialogue:


Not only this but others that seem to be saying it is stuck on certain functions in the code. They seem to be calling the functions, the functions are either not responding or taking longer than expected and then I see the banner/dialogue similar to the above.

I really love remnote as I have fibromyalgia and this causes what is called ‘fibro-fog’. Basically, amongst other issues, I have trouble with memory. It is not only memory, it is the linking of concepts etc which of course memory plays a part.

So, when Remnote does the sort of behaviour I am describing I am thrown through a loop as it is hard enough trying to work out if I have simply forgotten something, can’t make sense of it or Remnote is causing an issue.

As I mentioned, I thought the issue was with the laptop. I have spoken with the kind folk that support us users before. I’m sorry to do this to them but I really need their help as this issue is causing me all sorts of anxiety.

If someone on the support team could please look at this entire thread and put your enormous and talented brains on it, I, and I’m sure everyone else in the thread, would be eternally grateful.

Many thanks, солідарність to all but particularly all those caught up in the terrible events in Ukraine.




Hey Dave,

Sorry to hear you have been facing difficulties with RemNote. Kindly write to and the support team will definitely help you figure it out.


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Search (ctrl+p) does not work for me at all. It is continuous “spinning circle”

There is an on-demand feedback topic on this subject available on the feedback platform, please use it to give any feedback you have.

Please report any bugs using the “Report Bugs” button accessible from the ? button in the lower right of the app.