Fix editor in code blocks

Code blocks like this
feel clunky. I have Enter mapped as “Create new Rem below”, which doesn’t work when I’m inside a code block (as it just adds new lines to the code block). How about changing this behavior to Shift+Enter to add a new line to the code block?

I can’t also seem to be able to select the space just before or just after the code block after my cursor is inside one. To insert text before the code block I have to create a new Rem above it, then use the delete key to join these two Rem which is also kind of clunky.

code blocks could use attention

  • line numbers
  • smart code indenting (there are indents now sometimes, but it is not nice to deal with)
  • ability to cloze within a code block

coming from roam, RemNote’s code blocks are not as nice to work with; also missing the inline code blocks (quotes and inline are the same).

I think RemNote could bring code blocks up to par with competitors and then implement the ability to cloze inside a code block to distinguish themselves from the rest


FR for clozes

CSS to make quotes use code font (courtesy of Hannes).

.quote {

font-family: monospace;

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