Forum Update - How to Give Feedback, Submit Feature Requests, + Report Bugs

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Hello everyone! As of April 1st, 2022, we have streamlined our process of receiving bug reports and feature requests. Previously, you were able to submit bug reports to us via the forum category under ‘Feedback’, and were able to write feature requests in the ‘Feature Requests’ category. Now we accept these in exclusive channels outside this forum.

Submitting Feedback, Reporting Bugs, and Contacting Support

Any information you want us to know about - a) all kinds of feedback (including feature requests), b) bug reports, and c) issues requiring support - should be delivered to us either through, in-app bug reporting or via contacting support.

Submit Feedback at

For feedback, our feedback portal over at is split into three boards, for three different kinds of feedback.

Check whether you intend to submit a feature request or provide general feedback about your experience, and then navigate to the correct board.

For feature requests, submit a feature request post at

For general feedback, submit a general feedback post at

For plugin requests (or as a developer, to discover ideas), submit a plugin feedback post at

Report Bugs In-App

For bug reports, click the ‘Report Bug’ option in the ‘?’ help menu of the RemNote app.

You can optimally report a bug by following our suggested workflow:

Contact Support via Email or In-App

For support, a) send an email to or b) click the ‘Contact Support’ option in the ‘?’ help menu of the RemNote app.

If you have any questions about these changes, please leave them below as a reply. We thank you for reporting bugs and requesting features to help us ensure RemNote is the best all-in-one learning tool it can be. Keep them coming.


Are you planning to move the existing bug reports and feature requests to the new system?

The most popular Feature Requests were already moved, less popular ones may be manually copied by the original posters themselves or by anyone else. Please try to leave a link to the new topic on the feedback platform here and a link to the previous comments on the feedback platform if possible (definitely if changing the request’s title, here’s an example). In other words, check for whether a similar request already exists on the new platform before posting a new one.


As far as bug reports are concerned, yes we do have an internal list of all the bug reports posted here and in GitHub. Thanks for the support!


i opened my account on another laptop and images is not appearing … my all data is on these images what can i do

kindly write to and the support team can help you figure this out.