Hope better support to Chinese Full-width input。

For the link and reference,could make the【 same as the [,{ same as {, !same as !,many thanks!
If so,it will be much easier to type and no need to switch the Input Method billions times.

Supported in the next update - let me know if there are any others!

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For shortcuts, 【{!is enough, but for the Chinese words, maybe it’s not easy to define the concepts or decrition, but is it possible suppport to SEARCH by the first pinyin alphabetic of the Chinese word when I want to searching to creat a Rem Reference.
But if in the next update, using 【【 can also available to searching, this request may not necessary.
By the way, thanks for supporting.

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Could we also support as alias for /, so we can trigger the function popup?


I might be wrong; however, mine does not support to turn 【【 into its equivalent of [[ (i.e., calling for the reference link). Is there a setting that I miss turning on?

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